All workshops at A&J Aylesbury will be run by members of our team, from both HTA Design LLP and Notting Hill Housing’s Aylesbury project team.

We will have at least three members of staff on site at all times, supervising both the workshop and participants, as well as the CNC machine and other equipment that we have on site.

All members of the team have experience of working with communities and have all had DBS checks undertaken. A full health & safety and risk assessment has been completed, so as long as the equipment is treated carefully, no accidents should occur.

We request that smaller children, under the age of 10, are not left unaccompanied, and that all minors are dropped off and collected from workshops in good time. All parents/guardians/carers will be required to sign a consent form and supply contact details.

All workshop participants are reminded that the machinery is dangerous if misused, and behaviour should be of a respectful level at all times.


The original A&J team members are listed below:

Lucy Smith – A Partner at HTA Design LLP and currently managing the communications delivery for Aylesbury Now. Lucy will be on site most days, at workshops.

Theo Adamson – Now working in Dubai for North 55, but previously a senior graphic designer at HTA. www.theoadamson.co.uk

Tom Tobia – A Director at Makerversity in Somerset House amongst other ventures. www.tomtobia.co.uk

Christopher Jarratt – Chris is running Manor Makes in Sheffield – a youth workshop programme for crafts. www.christopherjarratt.co.uk