Installation of Bird Boxes, Bug Houses and Lower Marsh Signage

The A&J team spent a couple busy days down on Lower Marsh last week. Installing the outputs from our micro-manufacturing workshop, designed and made by local people and participants of the workshops.

Bird box install

Bird boxes have been installed on buildings down Lower Marsh

The bird boxes have been installed on buildings all the way down the street, in Granby Place, just behind the Camel & Artichoke Public House and on trees in Archbishops Park.

We also installed some in the garden of Waterloo Action Centre, at the top of the street, along with some bug houses, that we hope make nice new homes for local insects!

CNC bug boxes Lower MArsh

Bug Houses went up in WAC and Archbishops Park

These outputs compliment the planters that have already popped up on the street, outside local businesses.

As well as the bird boxes, bug houses and planters, we also installed a number signage panels that have gone up right outside Waterloo Station.  Hopefully these will encourage visitors to go down to Lower Marsh, to support local businesses and increase footfall, on one of London last truly independent streets.

Lower Marsh Signage

The new signage for Lower Marsh was installed outside Waterloo Station

The A&J team would like to thank everyone who helped make the install possible, as well as all the people who took part in A&J on Lower Marsh, helping to design and build the various outputs. We hope you all enjoy them and they go some way to enhancing the local environment.

A full listing of outputs and installation site will appear on this website shortly.

We hope to announce the next location of our A&J workshop very shortly, keep an eye on our website for more details.

Team A&J

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 Lower Marsh, The Micro-Factory, Workshops

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